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So that marketing and 

sales are easy for you again

Your company without vlmediatestimonials

  • You encounter many objections in sales calls: Because your prospects don't believe in the desired results and can't grasp your service, you often hear objections, leading to frustration in the sales team.. 
  • You simply lack differentiation from your competition: High-quality images, great website design, and good headlines no longer set you apart. They don't show your prospects before the first conversation what makes you different from others.
  • The CPM is rising, and your ads are costing more money: You're constantly creating new video ads, creatives, and texts, yet the performance and conversion rate of your ads are stagnating or declining.

Your company with vlmediatestimonials

  • Your closing rate is on the rise again: Thanks to your marketing, trust-building, and transparency, prospects are more inclined to seek consultation and have fewer objections, feeling more confident they're making informed decisions. 
  • You'll be perceived as the expert you are once again: Your customer journey highlights your expertise. Prospects don't seek further offers because they're confident that you and your team can assist them..
  • You're finally getting more inbound inquiries againNew marketing incentives are improving ad performance. Retargeting is achieving better results with the same ad spend, and conversions are increasing, leading to a steady flow of leads.

Video Examples of Clients.

Mark Roblett


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Ever since partnering with Vl Media and leveraging their powerful video testimonials, our lead generation has skyrocketed. Their testimonials, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of our brand and the success stories of our clients, have resonated profoundly with our target audience. As a result, we've experienced an exponential increase in both the quantity and quality of leads coming our way.

Their testimonials have not only enhanced our brand reputation but have also instilled confidence in potential leads, making them more inclined to engage with our services.

 Their partnership has truly been a game-changer for us, driving tangible results and propelling our business forward.

Bob Torkelson Trinchero

Watch  the testimonial we made for Trinchero

Before using VL Media's employer branding video testimonials, our efforts to attract new employees were met with limited success. Potential candidates were skeptical, and our job postings failed to capture attention. This led to a frustratingly slow recruitment process.

After incorporating VL Media's expertly crafted video testimonials, we witnessed a remarkable transformation. Our job postings began to stand out, and prospective employees could see the real, positive experiences of our current staff. This not only increased the credibility of our brand but also made us significantly more appealing to top talent.

VL Media excelled in creating the perfect testimonials. Their professional approach ensured that each video effectively highlighted our company culture, values, and the benefits of working with us. As a result, we've seen a substantial rise in job applications, smoother recruitment processes, and a more engaged and interested pool of candidates. VL Media truly delivered, making a significant impact on our employer branding and overall recruitment strategy

In short, what are testimonials exactly?

Common terms also include: References  Statements  Customer Voices

A testimonial is essentially a positive endorsement from your customers, which you can use for promotional purposes. You can present it in written form or as a video. You can use it anywhere - whether on your website, in reports, in advertisements, or in sales pitches.

We have specialized in the most successful form



... is one of the most important things in any situation. Whether you're meeting someone new, getting a haircut, making a purchase, or looking for a new job, it's natural for us to be skeptical of new things.

So, it's understandable that your prospects don't immediately say "yes" when you offer them a deal and ask them to pay thousands of euros.

They want to see proof for themselves that they're making a good decision and that you're the solution to their problems.

And it's not just in acquiring new customers. How is a job applicant supposed to know what it's like to work for you if you're not transparent?

That's exactly why we founded testimonials.de. We support you throughout the entire customer journey, from the first contact to the closing, in creating maximum trust so that your everyday life becomes predictable again!

 Why Your Advertisements Will Perform Better Again

Avoiding Self-Praise

Prospects are tired of constant self-praise in traditional advertisements and often don't believe it anymore.

Social Proof

"Thanks to the new photos & videos, our ads and websites perform even better. We will book again! "

High-Quality Presentation

When your video ads look high-quality, people will automatically stop scrolling.

56% completion rate

Red company  only has a 56% completion rate and Blue company has 78% . But they both do the same thing. Same offer, same target group...

However, interested parties prefer to choose Blue company– even though Red company still takes a long time to deal with objections .

The difference is simply that Blau company actively uses video customer testimonials in its customer journey and prospective customers have a better feeling right from the start.

Which company would you rather be the CEO of?

78% completion rate

These are the reasons why customers choose testimonials from us

Established processes and structures ensure a stress-free collaboration

from start to finish.

Regular Videographers

✘ Generalist instead of specialist 

✘ You have to organize everything

✘ Unprofessional effects in the videos

✘ Insufficient visual impact

✘ Can't guide your customers

✘ No fixed processes

 ✘ No expertise in implementing the videos

Your company with vlmediatestimonials

✔︎ Over 400 projects of expertise
✔︎ Your time is not consumed
✔︎ Professional video editing for higher conversions
✔︎ Precise visual language
✔︎ Perfect statements, even from introverted customers
✔︎ You always know the progress of your projects
✔︎ Immediately actionable tips for your success

Collaborating with us is as easy as that

1. Call

We provide you with scripts that help you convince your customers to give a testimonial without many objections

4. Video editing

In post-production, we extract both visual and content-driven elements from your videos, ensuring that you receive conversion-optimized content by the end..

2. Appointment scheduling

From now on, we take over. This means: We handle the appointment scheduling and arrange the shoot. 

5. Delivery

Once you've given approval, we'll train you on effectively utilizing the testimonials on your website, career page, during sales pitches, or as advertisements.

3. Video shoot

We come to the customer with a team and create a relaxed atmosphere. This way, we avoid nervousness and produce authentic videos

6. Outcome

Now, your testimonials work 24/7 for you as ads, supporting sales, in employee recruitment, and on your website.

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